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Chatwing Announces Movie Chat Network Possibility in Three Month

In any chat network, Chatwing users can share their own chat rooms , websites, blogs, and even forums. The window for the creation of the movie chat network is up to three months, since we have other features coming up, Says Mike Diamond, a lead developer for Chatwing. They can talk about lots of stuff in the movie chat network. Upcoming movies, actors, actresses, behind-the-scenes, production costs, reviews, and adaptationsthese are the expected topics for the movie chat network. Its a really big preparation that we are pushing out. The company will create several blog posts regarding the upcoming movie chat network. Through these posts, web users will gain important information about the network and other facets of the Chatwing tool. About specializes in the new field of website chat. <br>Source:

‘Austenland,’ movie review

Screenwriters Jason Hall and Barry Levy adapted Joseph Finder's bestselling corporate espionage thriller, which gives the film its name, but by the time "Paranoia" makes it to the screen, the thrill is gone. Director Robert Luketic whose best work remains his first work, 2001's "Legally Blonde" starring Reese Witherspoon keeps his focus on Adam. Actually make that Hemsworth, because it's the actor not the character who is the object of his obsession. There are enough beauty shots of Hemsworth to fill every fashion pages in GQ for an entire year. And I have to give it to them at least on that front the film delivers. Hemsworth sweats through workouts, dresses down in worn flannel shirts and jeans for bar scenes, spiffs up in designer suits to fool Goddard and, best of all, gets tangled up in the sheets with a high-tech honey named Emma ( Amber Heard ). The camera lingers on as much of that toned-to-perfection 6-foot-3 frame as it can and still hang on to that R. <br>Source:,0,2168914.story

10 Powerful Quotes From The Steve Jobs Movie And What They Teach Us About Leadership

The missed opportunities in Austenland are more numerous than dowry-less sourpusses at a ball in a Jane Austen novel. Which is a shame. While this chintzy-looking Kim Kardashian without make up romantic comedy thinks just a few sight gags are enough, a sneakier satire would have gone further. But that alternate Austenland would need to be less square than this one, directed by Napoleon Dynamite co-writer Jerusha Hess and produced by Twilight doyenne Stephenie Meyer. Between the squealing giddiness demonstrated at the mere thought of a submersive Austen-world and the way almost every moment is overplayed, the film wears out its welcome faster than a poor cousin in the country guesthouse. Keri Russell is Jane (get it?), a plain-Jane (yes, we get it ...) who blows her life savings on a trip to a Disney-like mini-theme park populated by the types of characters in Pride & Prejudice, Emma and Sense & Sensibility. Janes luck with gauche modern guys is nil. She pines for a real-life Darcy, obsessed as she is with Colin Firths 1995 turn in the BBC production of P&P. So shes primed for what Austenlands proprietor (starchily one-note Jane Seymour) promises will wind up in romance no touching allowed, of course. Keri Russell and JJ Feild in Austenland Janes fellow emotional tourist is a crass American ( Jennifer Coolidge ) whos there because she thinks her cleavage will look great in the tight gowns. <br>Source:

‘African Movie Channel is dedicated to best of Nollywood movies’

It's hard to ever forget Oprah is Oprah (this is what happens when performers are so much in the public eye) and her Gloria looks lost at a home sewing machine. But she has an awards-show moment when she's applying lipstick and drunkenly challenging her husband about how he divides his time and loyalties. The casting is both an embarrassment of riches and occasional case of stunt hiring gone awry as with Mariah Carey as young Cecil's mother, Robin Williams as President Eisenhower and Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan. Even with brown contacts, a red dress and brown hair, she's too tall and too Jane Fonda. When it comes to the presidents, Liev Schreiber as LBJ and Alan Rickman as President Reagan are the best, and John Cusack as Richard Nixon the worst. James Marsden supplies the hair, accent, empathy and warmth to JFK. David Oyelowo brings pain and passion to the role of Louis while Terrence Howard turns up as the neighborhood lothario and Cuba Gooding Jr. and Lenny Kravitz are perfect as part of Cecil's workplace circle. <br>Source:

Movie review: 'The Butler' gives White House servant's view of times from Eisenhower to Obama

How does somebody know what they want if they havent even seen it? Steve Jobs didnt believe in focus groups. Actually, he avoided them like the plague. Jobs believed in building great products that he would want to use himself. To a large extent he had a point. For example, in 2010 how many of us would have asked for a third device in between a laptop and a smartphone? Most people would never have asked for an iPad, but once millions of consumers saw it, they couldnt live without it, and it opened up entirely new categories of business applications. <br>Source:

The Difference Between a Good Movie and an Important One: The Butler

The star-studded event, which held at Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos, witnessed music and comedy performances from top artistes like Teju Babyface, Evaezi, Tomi Odunsi, and Jiimbay dance crew. Hosted byTeju Babyface withAndre Blazeon the red carpet, the event was graced by celebrated filmmaker, Tunde Kelani, Nollywood directors, Emem Isong, Teco Benson and Charles Novia. Also in attendance were Paul Igwe, OC Ukeje, Emeka Ossai, Obi Emenloye of the CNN acclaimed Mirror Boy and The Last Flight To Abuja, Segun Arinze, Kalu Ikeagwu, Zik Zulu Okafor, Lilian Esoro, Mary Ogbonna, Aneke twins, Anthony Monjaro, and Victor Olaotan among others. Evaezi held the guests spellbound with Kim Kardashian thong her hit song, Break Up while Tinsel star, Tomi Odunsi wowed them with her I Wan Blow performance. The Jiimbay dance crew did not disappoint on a night that Teju Babyface was at his comic best. AMCs partners in Nigeria, Connect Marketing Services, contributed largely to making the evening an immense success. <br>Source:

Movie review: 'Paranoia' has bells and whistles but glitches too

Whitaker's combination of humiliation and held-back dignity when Cecil is turned down for a raise is as subtle as it is masterful. And when The Butler forgoes serving up its contrived and over-cooked race heart-to-hearts, it manages to create some authentic "A-Ha Moments." In the beginning of the film, Cecil explains what it was like to be a black man in the 1920s: "Any white man could kill any of us at any time and not be punished for it. The law was not on our side. The law was against us." The moment reverberates through the theater, and the long nine decades of work and resistance between the bad old 1920s Cecil describes and the 2010s of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin seem like only the start of an ever-ongoing struggle. The Butler regularly reminds us of how far we have come in terms of race relations and equality and then knocks us on the ass with how far we haven't come. Daniels said one of his challenges was "not making the film feel self-important," but that's ridiculous. Anything with this scope and subject matter is going to feel self-important because it is important. For the most part, I didn't enjoy The Butler, but I do respect it. <br>Source:

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