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Friday, 10-Jan-2014 18:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ben Affleck And Rosamund Pike Cover Ew In Sexy Pose, Jennifer Ga

Ben Affleck snuggles with an apparently lifeless Rosamund Pike, which is a clever play on the story. For those who dont know anything about the book or movie, we wont spoil it for you. But suffice to say, itll be really interesting to see how they pull this off in a movie as opposed to a book. Anyway, heres yet another role where Ben Affleck is required to get up close and personal with his female co-stars, including both Rosamund Pike and Emily Ratajkowski. I doubt Jennifer Garner is happy with that situation , and especially this cover. At this point, doesnt Ben Affleck have enough pull to refuse to do this sort of cover? I mean, its Ben Affleck and Entertainment Weekly. Im sure that if he put in a request, he could more make it not happen. I mean, after Brad Pitt got together with Angelina Jolie, he refuses to do movie roles that require him to do sex scenes with other women, or even pose in sexy magazine shoots with other women. click here. <br>Read more

Wednesday, 11-Dec-2013 21:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Kim K And Kanye Fight Over Chr

The rapper wants the couple and their five-month-old daughter North to spend the festive season in New York, but his fiancee has her heart set on a traditional celebration with her extended family in Los Angeles. A source said: ''It's causing a lot of fights. Kim assumed Kanye would be fine with them doing Christmas Day at her family's home but now he wants them to do their own thing. ''Kim's told him how much it would mean to her to spend North's first Christmas with her family. She has also explained how she would love read more to have their daughter at the family home and to continue the Christmas traditions that Kim has cherished all of her life. ''But Kanye is just saying he hasn't made up his mind, and would like to spend it alone with her and North.'' Though Kim has suggested a compromise to suit them both, Kanye is said to be determined to avoid the Kardashians as he is still upset over their reported criticisms of his controversial 'Bound 2' video. <br>Full story:

Wednesday, 4-Dec-2013 00:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Angelina Jolie To Head Global Summit On Ending Sexual Violence I

The star will lead three days of talks in London, England, next year, along with British Foreign Secretary William Hague. The two have previously worked together to campaign against the same topic, thanks to her role as a United Nations special envoy for refugees. During the summit, they will demand justice and respect for victims of wartime rape and sexual violence worldwide. Representatives visit from 137 countries, including judges, doctors and police who have worked in warzones, will discuss their experiences in safeguarding women, and how to keep attackers at bay. Jolie tells the London Evening Standard, This summit is long overdue. The goal must be an end to impunity, and justice and respect for the survivors of these horrendous crime We are committed to see that through no matter what it takes, and I hope other countries will take part and live up to their responsibilities. Hague also praised Jolie for her part in the summit and adds, The United Kingdom has a seat at all the worlds top tables of diplomacy but this cannot be tackled by governments alone. <br>Ful story:

Wednesday, 27-Nov-2013 13:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Did Seth Rogen And James Franco Top Kim And Kanye? A 'bound 2' G

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West gush about each other in Hot 97 interview: She's the 'most beautiful woman of all time'

Mouth Thing It's an alluring silhouette rematch! This time, the underdog Rogen takes the points, not only because he lost the glasses, but also for overall awareness of his body position. Kim, if you're in silhouette, don't put your arm over your face. Like Tyra always says, you just need to be really aware of your angles. Sometimes, a weird fish-out-of-water mouth burble does so much more than a flail of an arm ever could. <br>Source:

So funny! I love it, she told TMZ reporters outside fiance Kanye Wests apartment on Monday night. Earlier that day, the starlet took to Twitter to applaud Rogen for his sidesplitting performance. You nailed it!!! <br>Source:

What Kim Kardashian Thinks of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s ‘Bound 2′ Spoof

"I felt like that was something that would make her happy," West said. "Regardless of how it was shot, I felt like this is a moment that she would like to have and like to share and have that documented." AGNY/Wagner Az/AKM-GSI West declared that his fiancee is arguably the most beautiful woman of human existence... or at least Top 10. "When you're in a relationship you start making sacrifices of what you think is cool or not cool and you just let go and that makes you stronger." PHOTOS: INSIDE KIM KARDASHIAN AND KANYE WEST'S ROMANCE Kardashian free kim kardashian tape also addressed the Katie Couric incident saying she asked West whether she should "blast" Couric for being a "fake media friend with her Instagram post. <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian Goes Without a Coat on Chilly Day in New York City With North: Picture

26 Credit: Freddie Baez/ Kim Kardashian is so hot, she doesn't even need a coat in cold weather! The reality star, 33, left her outerwear at home when she stepped out with daughter North West in New York City on Tuesday, Nov. 26. PHOTOS: Kimye's sweetest moments "His face lights up when he is with our daughter," she said of the hip hop star. "He is the most amazing dad ever. <br>Source:

Wednesday, 20-Nov-2013 07:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Britney Spears Releases 'perfume' Lyric Video

Tweet Britney Spears has just dropped the lyric video for her newest single, "Perfume". The clip follows the story of a woman who wonders if her boyfriend is moved here seeing another woman. She later breaks into her lover's hotel room and sprays her perfume on his stuff to let the other woman know whom the Mr. Boyfriend belongs to. The lyrics of the song appear on the screen in white and purple colors. "So I, wait for you to call And I try to act natural/ Have you been thinking 'bout her or about me/ And while I wait I put on my perfume, yeah I want it all over you/ I gotta mark my territory," the 31-year-old diva croons. <br>Full story:

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